Hair Removal

hair removal

Our promise is to provide you the cleanest and most comfortable environment imaginable. We specialize in customized hair removal services, and use only the finest Starpil Hard-Stripless wax imported from Spain. Our blue, pink, and clear stripless hard wax is crafted with a patented shrink-wrap  technology that allows the wax to bind to the hair - never to the skin. Make your appointment now and get pampered in our thoroughly relaxing studio. Please click here for pre and post wax information

full face                        $50

eyebrows                     $20

nose                              $12

lip                                 $10

chin                              $12

sideburn                      $15

ear                                $15

neck                             $15

shoulders                    $15

back full                      $55

back lower                  $25

under arms                 $15

chest                            $35

stomach                       $25

half arm                       $25

full arm                        $40

fingers                          $10

stomach strip               $10

bikini line                     $25

bikini front                   $40

bikini brazilian            $55 Series of 3 $125 Series of 6 $230

1st time brazilian        $105     (includes Berodin body exfoliation kit)

butt strip                      $15

inner thigh                   $20

full butt                        $40

legs upper                     $40

legs lower                     $35

full leg                           $75

toes                                $10